Specialist Floor and Carpet Cleaning

At Total Clean UK, we have a wide variety of specialist equipment and machinery that we use to clean, restore and maintain your flooring, no matter what it’s made from. We are particularly skilled when it comes to the following surfaces…


Vinyl (sheets and tiles), rubber, linoleum and safety flooring

We remove the dirt that gets trapped between tiles or that sticks to the surface, completing the job with polish and sealants, leaving surfaces as good as new.


Marble, limestone, granite and terrazzo tiles

Our cleaning team are all well-versed in specific techniques for specialist floor restoration and are able to polish and buff stone surfaces, removing scratches, watermarks and dull spots, and restoring your flooring to its original state.


Wood flooring

As there are so many different kinds of wood flooring available, our dedicated cleaning team will assess your particular floors before determining which machinery and products are best for bringing the best out of your wooden surfaces.


Carpets & Upholstery

Our highly knowledgeable, fully trained staff bring their expertise in textiles and soft furnishings to bear and are able to offer a dedicated office carpet and upholstery cleaning service, using only the best, highest quality equipment, cleaning materials and methods.

We offer two carpet cleaning solutions:


Bonnet buffer carpet cleaning

This is suitable for large scale office spaces and is a highly efficient and effective way of cleaning your carpets. It removes all dirt and stains and is rapid drying, enabling your carpets to be walked on within a couple of hours. This means that any downtime can be kept to an absolute minimum.

This cleaning method is also suitable for carpet tiles as the process does not excessively wet the floor surface which would potentially cause damage. One of the key advantages of bonnet buffer carpet cleaning is that it enables you to even out a carpet’s appearance between high and low traffic areas, leaving it look the same once it’s dry.


Shampoo extraction cleaning

Using the latest, shampoo extraction cleaning machines available we provide a comprehensive and superior carpet cleaning service that will clean the dirtiest of carpets.

Powerful and with amazing cleaning power, shampoo extraction cleaning is for carpet areas which are heavily damaged or stained as this process will deep clean the whole area and restore the carpets to a useable state again.

Ideal for flood-damaged carpets and heavily oil-stained areas, shampoo extraction cleaning will effectively remove dirt and bacteria, increase your workplace hygiene and remove odours that may have collected and intensified over many years of use.

At Total Clean UK, we aim to restore all your flooring and upholstery to its best possible condition whilst causing the least amount of disruption to the running of your business.

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